Requirements Modeling

Specmate allows modeling requirements as Cause-Effect Graphs and Activity Diagrams. You will learn these modeling techniques in 5 minutes – we promise. And they will cover 95% of your requirements.


Test-Case Generation

Specmate automatically generates and optimal test-suite from your requirement models. Not too many tests, not too frew test, just the right tests. We guarantee the best compromise between the number of test cases and requirement coverage.


Integration with JIRA and others

Specmate integrates with JIRA and other requirements and project management tools, such as Microfocus PPM and ALM (former HP ALM). Specmate imports your requirements and exports the generated test suits.


Create Test Procedures

For every generated test case you can create a clear test procedure that can be exported to your test management tool and from there executed by your tester or your automatic testing tool. Specmate allows you to reference a variable for every test step to make sure your are not forgetting anything.


Coming Soon

We are currently working on a Library function that allows you to start with an existing CEG oder Activity Diagram to save you time and effort. Furthermore you will soon be able to use copy-and-paste within our modeling editors.

Learn more about how to use Specmate in our Demo-Video (German)!