Why Specmate?

Specmate is an open-source tool to support and automate Test-Design as a result of a research project involving Technische Universit√§t M√ľnchen and Allianz Deutschland.

Test-Design can be a big challenge especially when requirements are ambiguous and incomplete. Therefore we need a means to clarify what the requirement specifies precisely.
Specmate helps you to uncover these ambiguities with its modeling editors, where you can model your textual requirement as a Cause-Effect-Graph or an Activity Diagram and therefore get insights about the underlying context and the relationship of events.

Based on the modeled requirement Specmate creates a reasonable amount of test cases that ensure the best requirement coverage by using heuristics from literature on the click of a button.
The possible combinations of input and output values raises exponentially with the number of variables and to test all of them is not feasible in most cases. Figuring out which test-cases are absolutely necessary and which are redundant is a tedious task.