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Richard asked 10 months ago

Hallo together,
my name is Richard and iam an Test Consultant and like the idea of light weight MBT.
My problem i cant run Specmate Local on my machine. My someone can help.
My my Configuration:
Specmate Version prod-specmate-all-v0.3-fix-1.jar. I have Java 1.8 installed.
Here are the Configurations Files (see the atteches):
## List of project ids, each project listed here needs to be configured below
#project.projects = jira
project.projects = test = com.specmate.FileConnector
project.test.connector.fileConnector.folder = C:\\Users\\Richard\\Desktop\\Anf
project.test.connector.fileConnector.user = admin
project.test.connector.fileConnector.password = admin
project.test.connector.connectorID = test
Here my Requirements as TXT File:
The Docments are all on this Folder:

Specmate ->       C:\Users\Richard\Desktop>prod-specmate-all-v0.3-fix-1
Requirements -> C:\Users\Richard\Desktop\Anf -> C:\Users\Richard\Desktop\config>

This is my Commanc Line input how to start Specmate:
java -jar prod-specmate-all-v0.3-fix-1.jar –configurationFile C:\\Users\\Richard\\Desktop\\config
Specmate Start in Command Line and is in the Setting Log Level Info.
In the Front End via Local8080 is nor Project and neither i can log in.
Nothing happen i cant open no Project and Specmate is still in the Setting Log Level Info.
Cant someone help?
I think is only one small failure
Thanks very much

Dankime replied 3 weeks ago

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1 Answers
Darius answered 5 months ago

I’m currently struggling with running specmate as well -has something to do with the cdo-server as far as I’m aware- but your problem might be a simple typo: In the command line type a double dash before configuration file (–configurationFile C://…).
You can always check whether your file is read by the program by setting the logging.level to debug or anything other than info. When you run the program from the command line it will show the logging level. If it still says “logging level = info” after you changed it, specmate hasn’t read your config.
If this helps you run specmate please share the rest of your config 🙂

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